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Why Give?

In its nearly twenty-year history, the Alliance has made a measurable difference on the lives of the citizens of Oakland County, Michigan. Along with its partners in each community, the Alliance has fought substance misuse disorder through prevention, wellness, and recovery support programs.

The Alliance coordinates the work of the many critical partners from schools and mental health professionals; to parents and vendors; to police, fire and rescue; to places of worship, hospitals, municipalities and businesses. Our twenty-two Community Coalitions deliver the evidence-based programs and messaging throughout the county. These programs are immediately adaptive to the needs of each audience, even at the school level, through constant gathering of data leading to the most pressing trends and threats in Oakland County. In fact, the Alliance spotted the issue of vaping long before the media and most people in the community were aware. They, then, ramped up to deliver vaping prevention programs sooner than anyone else in Michigan.

The Alliance’s broad reach into the community includes corporate and community Narcan training to prevent Opioid overdoses right here in Oakland County. Those most likely to encounter an overdose, the hospitality industry, have been receiving the training first thanks to the Alliance’s focus and knowledge.

For those individuals and families who are struggling with substance misuse disorders, the Alliance provides support through recovery programs, education, and connections to social workers, doctors and others. Recovery is more than difficult, and the Alliance is the backbone of the recovery community right here in Oakland County.

Fighting substance misuse disorder is a long game. The factors that  influence it are many, but over the years, we’ve seen critical numbers decline in Oakland County.

Critical numbers like these :

Why Give - graph1

Why give - graph2

Why give - graph 3

Until 2017, the Alliance was fully funded through grants. But families, local companies and other private donors have started to assist in expanding the reach of the Alliance by providing critical financial support.

Contributions make it possible for the Alliance to develop more programs, collect more data, serve more children, train more adults, and have a greater impact.