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Walled Lake/Commerce and Mi-HOPE serving White Lake Township and central
Oakland County, are joining the Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Communities
(ACHC) thanks to the generous funding provided by Oakland County Community
Mental Health Authority (OCCMHA).

ACHC serves as an umbrella organization to what will now be 17 prevention
coalitions in Oakland County and continues to promote a healthier Oakland
County. These partnerships all share the same vision: stronger and healthier
communities through prevention, support and recovery efforts

“We cannot thank Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority enough
for their continued support,” said Julie Brenner, ACHC Executive Director.
“Without this funding, we would not be able to grow our prevention efforts to
include these additional coalitions. We are very excited to see what the future
holds and what strides we can make to increase prevention efforts across the

This new partnership with ACHC will allow access to new opportunities for
positive community involvement for both Walled Lake/Commerce Community
Coalition and Mi-HOPE White Lake. It will benefit from expertise, resources and
experience of fellow members of ACHC. These coalitions will also stay informed
about community trends, needs and prevention action.

“When organizations and individuals are united by a shared purpose to promote
healthy living, all Oakland County residents benefit,” said OCCMHA
Administrator of Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Treatment Services,
Christina Nicholas. “This is especially true when, as in the case of ACHC, the
invitation to support substance use prevention and treatment extends beyond
city boundaries, creating more inclusive and meaningful partnerships.”

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ACHC Add Two To Growing Network