Bringing together holistic health experts in a TED Talk-style presentation, join us for a virtual wellness experience that will share natural approaches for health and wellness care in your home with experts in the field.
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Speaker Panel October 2021

October 6 – Selecting a Sound Healing Instrument for Wellness and Meditation, Sandy Naimou  Handout

October 13 – Acupuncture – What It Is and How It Fits into Health and Wellness, Daniel Devine MTCM, L.Ac

October 20 – The Phoenix Detroit: A free sober active community, Kelsey Dovico, Program Coordinator  Handout 1, Handout 2

October 27 – What No One Has Told You About ADHD and Behavior, Carrie Odrobina


Speaker Panel September 2021

September 8 –  ReNEWed Breathing Exercises, Kendra Ruddy Alliance Program Coordinator

September 15 – Fun in the Woods II, Diane Dovico, Alliance Wellness Program Administrator

September 22 – Uninsured? Don’t stress: Welcome to High Quality, Free, Health & Dental Care in Your Own Back Yard, Susanna Jackiewicz


Speaker Panel August 2021

August 4 – Wellness Ways –  Alliance Wellness Committee  Handout

August 11 – Roll Away Your Stress with Foam Roiling 101, Dr. Andrea Whedon-Hubert, Holistically Well

August 18 – Substance Use Disorder, The Brain, Stigma and Resources, Angela Bogota, Alliance Program Coordinator

August 25 – Fun in the Woods – Diane Dovico, Alliance Wellness Program Administrator. Handout


JULY 2021 Summer Break

JUNE 2021

June 2021 Speaker Panel

June 2-   Healing Power of Drumming– Teri Williams, Founder Soul Practices Handout

June 9 – The Power of Sound and Vibration – Stephanie Evans

June 16 – What is Naturopathic Medicine? – Dr. Hallie Armstrong, Naturopathic Doctor

June 23 – What Can Parents Do When their Child is Struggling in School with Academics and/or Behavior?  Could Mental Health Be the Issue? – Brenda Mann, MA ED

June 30 – Chairish chair fitness cherish your joints – Susan Marsh Hatty

MAY 2021

May 2021 Speaker Panel

May 5 – It’s Okay Not to be Okay! – Lisa Kaplan, LMSW, CADDA, ACSW

May 12 – Practicing Mindful Living – Ivy G of Mystical Soul Work

May 19 – Women 40+ How to Prevent/Reverse Heart Disease Naturally – Cathy Atkinson, ND Handout

May 26 – Simple and Healthful Gratitude – Cathleen Francois Handbook

APRIL 2021

April 2021 Speaker Panel

April 7 – Slam the Door on Covid – Diane Dovico, CWWS, Alliance Integrative Wellness Program Manager Handout

April 14 – The Healing Power of Nature – Amy Wargo  Handout

April 21 – High-Tech Drug-Free Healing – A Logical Approach to 21st Century Health – Dr. Bryan A. Born

April 28 – The Healing Power of Your Own Energy – Carol Mastroianni and Christine Chubenko

MARCH 2021

March 3 – How to Never Have a Heart Attack, Dr. Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

March 10 – ReNEWed Breathing Exercises, Kendra Ruddy, Alliance Prevention Program Coordinator

March 17- Reiki for Relaxation, Teri Racey, PA

March 24 – Alphabet Soup, CBD and Hemp Seed Oils, Dr. Joel Kahn MD, FACC

March 31 – The Long Winding Road of a Covid-19 Longhauler, Melissa Morris  Business Consultant, Public and Media Relations


February 2021 Speaker Panel

February 3:  15 Minutes to Have Life-Long Stronger Hands.- Allen Arseneau

February 10:   Cat & Dog Wellness Overview. Pet Beastro – Dr. Jill Tack

February  17:   Tapping/ Shaking routines from QiGong.  Joybody Yoga – Kelsey Dovico

February  24:    Digital Resources for Whole Child Wellness. Everfit – Jill Mailing


January 13:   A Look at Substance Abuse Treatment – Lisa Kaplan

January 20:   A Practical Approach to Managing Projects Efficiently – Brendan Johnson

January 27:   What a Health Coach Can Do and How a Health Coach Can Help You – Lauren Franks


November 2020 Speaker Panel

November 25: It’s All In Your Thoughts – April Gaines

November 18: Yoga as a Moving Meditation – Katherine Gorncy

November 11: Seeking Therapy for Emotional Issues – Lisa Kaplan

November 4: Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life – Nancy Morrison


October 2020 Speaker Panel

October 28: Stress Management in Changing Times – Lynette Fioroni

October 21: Morning Movements – Diane Dovico

October 14: Mindfulness for Wellbeing – Lucy Sternburgh

October 7: How to look, feel and perform your best – Jeremy Kochis


September 2020 Speaker Panel

September 2: Laughter as a Therapeutic Modality – Terry Dibble

September 9: Therapeutic Benefits of Journaling – Weam Namou  Hand out

September 16, 2020: Benefits of Art Therapy for Health and Healing, Erin Shahly

September 23, 2020: Harnessing the Power of a Vision Board, Carol Mastroianni

September 30, 2020: Clinical Behavior Analysis Related to Mental Health, Dr. Ben Kennert


August 2020 Speaker Panel

August 5: Upper Cervical Spine Manipulation – Dr. Jamie Cramer

What is Animal Chiropractic? – Dr. Christina Cole

August 12: Sound Therapy Meditation –  Christopher Davis

Therapeutic Tapping – Christine Chubenko  Therapeutic Tapping Handouts

August 19: Be Your Own Life Coach – Kelly Scott, Certified Life Coach

Meditation For Mental Clarity – Kelsey Dovico

August 26: Aromatherapy – Julie Berry Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Handouts

Yoga for Stress Relief – Kelsey Dovico

8 Dimensions of Wellness

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