About Us

History of ACHC

ACHC formed as an extension of the successful Coalition of Healthy Communities (CHC) network. CHC was founded in 1993 by four local coalition groups seeking to strengthen their existing collaboration though the creation of an umbrella organization. In 2003, CHC members, with the support of Oakland County’s Office of Substance Abuse Services, launched the Alliance of Coalition for Healthy Communities to begin the next phase in Oakland Prevention.

Today, our alliance has grown to include eighteen community prevention coalitions serving forty+ local communities. Individuals and organizations who share our commitment to building healthy and drug-free communities can also become members.

Key Activities of the ACHC

County-wide strategic prevention plan
Assessment through bi-annual student survey and parent survey
Use of logic model and intervention mapping
CADCA challenge prescription drug abuse prevention campaign
Promotion of safe prescription drug disposal
Campaign to prevent youth marijuana use, Clear the Smoke
Partnership with Families Against Narcotics
Advocacy on alcohol regulation and other public health issues
Training sessions for local coalition staff and board
Monthly coalition networking meetings
Community Sector Wheel

Behavioral health is increasingly recognized as critical to overall health. This includes freedom from harmful alcohol and drug use, and strengthening of emotional and social well-being. The Coalition’s strategies seek to support communities in these areas.

  • Prevent alcohol and substance use by youth
  • Prevent alcohol and substance abuse by adults
  • Create, sustain and recognize partnerships that promote health and wellness
  • Promote a continuum of care that embraces prevention, treatment, recovery and support efforts
  • Improve access to resources and opportunities through education and advocacy

Board of Directors

Marc Jeffries, President
Carol Mastroianni, Vice President
Sandy Kosik, Treasurer
Susan Papple, Secretary

Board Members

Erica Clute-Cubbin
Angela Delpup
Lisa Kaplan
Dr. John Kitzmiller
Deb Macon
Karen Ulrich

Coalition Staff

  • Julie Brenner, CEO
  • Mary Ann Vergith, Prevention Program Manager
  • Tracy Chirikas, FAN Coordinator
  • Gina Herdegen, Finance
  • Minou Carey, Greater Urban Communities of Oakland County
  • Diane Dovico, Integrative Wellness Program Administrator
  • Meghan Tiernan, PEEPS Youth Coordinator
  • Joe Savalle, Youth & Student Development Coordinator

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Federal, State, and/or County funding has been provided through the Oakland Community Health Network -Substance Use Disorder Services to support the project costs.