Meet Our Team

Behind Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Community (ACHC) is a dedicated group comprised of Board Directors, Board Members, Coalition staff, and volunteers. With our passion for a healthier Oakland County, our professionally-trained team is dedicated to effective community outreach to prevent substance abuse in our youth and young adults. From informative toolkit campaigns to inspirational programs to cultivate community growth, we are proactively dedicated to improving the Oakland County area by educating and informing.

Name Position Group Email
Marc Jeffries President Board of Directors
Carol Mastroianni Vice President Board of Directors
Susan Papple Secretary & Chair, Governance & Nominating Committee Board of Directors
Erica Clute-Cubbin Chair, Fund Development Committee Board of Directors
Angela Delpup Board of Directors
Lisa Kaplan Board of Directors
John Kitzmiller Board of Directors
Deb Macon Board of Directors
Karen Ulrich Board of Directors
Julie Brenner, CPC-R President & Chief Executive Officer Coalition Staff
Mary Ann Vergith, CPS Prevention Program Director Coalition Staff
Angela Spino-Bogota Coordinator, Community & School Programs Coalition Staff
Tracy Chirikas Manager, Community & School Programs Coalition Staff
Diane Dovico, CWWS Integrative Wellness Program Manager Coalition Staff
Gina Herdegen Finance Manager Coalition Staff
Greg & Mandy Jones Life Is Your Playbook Coordinator Coalition Staff
Minou Carey Jones GUCCI & SYNAR Program Manager Coalition Staff
Amy Ostrand, CPS Youth Development Coordinator Coalition Staff