Keep Them Safe, Keep Them Healthy School Program

Parents and students are met with an incredible and thoughtful experience that brings a comprehensive focus on prevention including essential resources and immediate and long term next steps that includes an Oakland County Youth Collaborative, connection to local prevention coalitions, evaluative components, focus groups and an at risk youth program.

For more information about this free program or to book your school, contact (248) 221-7101 or email to Keep Them Safe Program

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Changing College Substance Misuse

Challenging College Substance Misuse is a social norms and environmental management program aimed at reducing high-risk drinking and related negative consequences among college students (18 to 24 years old). The intervention was developed at the University of Arizona based on work previously done at Northern Illinois University. This program uses a campus-based media campaign and other strategies to address misperceptions about alcohol and drugs and make the campus environment less conducive to drinking. For more information, contact (248) 221-7101

Additionally, young adults can enjoy a safe and sober night every third Thursday (7pm-10pm) at The Social at The District.

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ACHC Wellness Programs

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A new generation of thought of how to address substance abuse prevention is upon us. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) has issued a guide on community activation for promoting wellness. The guide defines wellness and presents a number of ways communities can share the message of how one’s mind -set on health and wellness is central to the prevention of substance abuse and the many related health conditions.
Wellness is defined as an attitude one has toward the way they live to sustain healthy practices. It has a direct influence on overall wellbeing whereas; health encompasses a broad spectrum that is concerned with the treatment of diseases. You cannot have one without the other.

The ACHC understands this relationship and the need to build, incorporate and sustain community health and wellness interventions.

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